3 Principles for better Web Design: Navigation, Hierarchy & Color

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Thanks for watching the video 3 Principles for better Web Design: Navigation, Hierarchy & Color


  1. Is there a template for the example you are showing? I am trying to get a website for my new home remodeling company

  2. In my opinion, the main principle in web design is to use good content and show it right
    .Remaining is in the second place, anyway, it depends on your type of business, your business goals, and the position of your brand.

    Anyway, thanks for the video, you are doing good content

  3. Starting at 5:42 – "It's very clear that the only thing you look at when you get started is the exceptional outcomes…"

    Nope. That's not the only thing, or even the first thing, that I look at. I'm distracted by the video, didn't even notice anything else right away. Who in their right mind thinks that a distracting video is the best way to lead off a business website?

  4. i love it , and it was a really good explaination , by the way i think they will shout down that website hhhhh

  5. Bro… you really gotta EQ your audio and cut out some of the high frequencies for the S because it’s hurting a little

  6. Hi Flux ! As designer, San Francisco Website looked more alive. May be for us, right one is common and used everywhere.

  7. Great vid! Can I ask your thoughts on simple menu structure? Specifically how do you feel about top level menus being clickable to a page rather than just expanding a sub menu? Design wise I’m struggling to find consensus on a good way to do this

  8. I love how much you share with us!
    I've learned so much from your videos. Thank you for sharing with us!

  9. With online competition continually growing, the need to have a website which provides a high quality user experience is essential. This can either be done in house if capable developers are on hand, or outsourced to a professional website design agency. Whether creating a website from scratch, or redesigning a current one, when choosing an agency to work with, it is important to understand what they will do for your website.

  10. Let's make a drinking game! Every time Ran says "super" take a shot.
    Because that means you alway drink 2 in a row.

  11. After some work experience I now always wonder whether it was the designer who did not so great or was it the client who was like "I want this bigger, and this bigger, and it's so dark with the black overlay let's get rid of it"

  12. I'm watching this video for a design class in college. Why can't college's watch this video to fix their awful websites

  13. This is a real website! I had to google this to verify because it seemed like you would've gone to a lot of work to mock this up.
    Great review… Tx!

  14. Thank you for sharing. I do appreciate this video. However, it will be better to start with a mobile version.

  15. How do you communicate with the client who wants everything to be big like the first Law Firm example? I mean they clearly know shit about how the design work and if they pay you it's kinda ok. But how to try to explain to them that less is more here?

  16. Great video as always! What about doing some videos about making websites for mobile devices? For example traffic on my client's website is roughly 50% from a smartphone. I know desktop is a "priority" but would like some advice from you Ran 🙂

  17. Is it really considered as "Bad practice" to use a hamburger menu button instead of a nav bar on a desktop website? In my opinion there are 2 factors to consider: 1. People are used to hamburger menu buttons as they are using it on mobile devices all the time. So a good placed and well designed menu button isn't confusing or feels too much as an unnecessary extra-click for users. 2. A hamburger menu button can improve hierarchy on a page. As it lets the eyes focus on the content of the page instead of distracting the eyes with nav bar menu items. — So I would answer my own question in the first line of my comment with: "It depends" 😉

  18. That's an interesting thought on using the mobile menu style for desktop…I've never been a fan – I'm not entirely convinced on left vertical menu designs either. However, the mobile menu style is relevant to mobile…however, in my growing opinion, the mobile menu needs to be ignored, or at best considered secondary. Mobile visitors should be able to navigate the core pages without using the menu. Often, I find this mobile-first approach is missing, even from the most expensive websites.

  19. That was an excellent breakdown! Thank you for the reminder to think about how color is used as a way to tell the user something, not just for looks. Makes for efficient design.

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