FREE Web Design Course 2020: Introduction to Web Design | Episode 1

Learn how to design a website from scratch in 2020.

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In Flux we’ve decided to teach Web Design for free to those who are using quarantine to make a change in their lives, to those who can’t afford a web design course right now or to those that simply want to learn a new skill.

We will be publishing videos every week to cover everything you need to know to get started as a web designer. If you are already one, you can use this course to recap those concepts you need to get stronger at.

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Thanks for watching the video FREE Web Design Course 2020: Introduction to Web Design


  1. I'm an aspiring graphic, thank you for this tutorial this means a lot for someone like me without any knowledge of G'design.

  2. Hey, Thanks for sharing this video. It is very valuable to beginners. I will share this with my friends. Keep Posting. Have a good day!

  3. Dear Bro,
    During covid, I have learnt HTML, CSS, a bit of JavaScript and SQL.
    I wish to make web-based software like
    1. Income-Tax computation, completion of Tax Return on-line and then print the Return for submission;
    2. Accounting Software like QuickBooks for easy accounting;
    3. Homeopathy remedy finding in easy way; and
    4. Many more.
    Now, could you please advise, as to which programming languages I should learn? Or any advise, please.

  4. Sir, for freelancing web design HTML and CSS are enough or graphic designer and Photoshop is also necessary, without Photoshop and graphic design we can make a web or not for clients on freelancing

  5. The thing we Albanians value most is generosity. And you are here sharing your knowledge for free. Respect bro 😎

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