SEO in 2021, How To Rank #1 In Google

SEO is changing and in 2021, there are a few ways that the landscape has shifted. In this video, John Lincoln gives 14 action items to win in search engine optimization in 2021.

First, you need to create SEO content around all the things that your customers search for. Next, you need to update your SEO content often. You also need to have longform content, check your click through rates and consider using AMP.

When it comes to SEO in 2021, schema is going to be helpful, as well as HTTPS, links, social shares and growing the branded search for your company name.

SEO in 2021 needs to focus on BERT, EAT and video should be an important part of your strategy. You also want to look at international SEO in 2021. Finally, core web vitals are going to be very important to SEO in 2021.

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  1. Hello John, I have a very important question for you. I'm about to start an SEO agency in my country and I have noticed one interesting thing that one of my competitors is doing. On almost every site he optimises, he puts a lot of text (over 6000 words). My question is how does he get that text because he can't write about things he doesn't know? Is he asking his clients for texts? Is he engaging copywriter?
    Plus, thank you for the great content you are giving us! 🙂

  2. A website with only high click trough pages is a horrible and incomplete website that is often wasting people's time by spamming a bunch of clickbait titles to Google. SEO should be about the most relevant results not about ranking the most popular pages highest.

  3. Love the post!

    One thing that I found in your video post is that it is very detailed with info and ultimate graphics. Thanks!!

  4. Hi! This video is filled with answers to my ample questions. I am in the midst of starting a new blog and this video will be a bookmark for my future reference. Thanks for sharing this informative video.

  5. I'm glad to see this video 👌 I have a question . We have a legal music website and started in 2020. Let A music named ABC from Artist X . Our competitors are published that one in 3 years ago but now we publish it.

    1- shal we go to focus on content they never focus on them?? ( then we have a unique content in our language)

    2- what is the best way to boost the same content ( not a copy , a same music, a same lyrics with different texts and stuffs in page)??

    3- when another content of website growing up and get a better traffic , are they help other posts to find better rank in results?

  6. Recently I heard about AMP technology, but did not quite understand its features, can you tell us about it in the connecting videos?

  7. great video but you lost me with social shares, google has publicly said social shares dont help rankings so are you saying to do that for exposure more or u believe that does help rankings?

  8. Because the nofollow attribute no longer works, it has become difficult to work with indexing locks. Tell me how to get around this situation?

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