TOP 5 WEBSITES EVERY WEB DESIGNER SHOULD VISIT: Mind-blowing web design | March 2020

Watch Top 5 Webites for JULY 2020:

Top 5 crazy innovative websites every graphic designer should visit to learn graphic design. These are the best practices, and the best online graphic design websites and web design trends of March 2020

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  1. Nice video…Buy complete amazon affiliate multi vendor website here product listening+900 and 20+ blog ,review first and give me offer (andy-collection)sell at good offer

  2. last two kind of shitty… hard to look at that colors.. the first ones.. cool as a demo.. as a working website is useless and would be annoying for me to use..

  3. how do you even make these? I have not seen ONE course or tutorial that shows how to make these websites from the ground up

  4. PLink does not use 3D. It is using videos, which are pre-renderer. The Greta website uses ThreeJS or something on those lines for rendering the entire website in Canvas.

  5. how to make the first into part trailer video? I need to make a preview video of my e-portfolio for my school

  6. the moment i saw Greta, i stopped watching this video..
    people wanna live with comfort according to their money, and it doesn't matter if its damages the environment. Kid Greta wanna live a luxury life with Air Conditioners and Cars even after knowing that they cause one of the largest damage to the environment by depleting the ozone layer.. Soon i'm gonna create an amazing website regarding these fake people

  7. visited all of the listed sites, they felt disjointed, hard to navigate, not fun, instead kinda boring/trendy in a bad way. i know i know, to each his own. gave me the feels of flash sites when they first came out

  8. what a content. common man, you are just using someone's hard work and giving reaction. really man? come on

  9. What do you guys use to style a webpage? I am a beginner and using CSS only they look so basic. Like square boxes with different colours is about the height of it.. any suggestions on next steps?

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