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Web Design Pricing

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In this video:

I break down my thoughts on why some people can consistently sell websites at $5,000 -$10,000 (or much more) while other people struggle to ever sell websites over $100.


Often getting a large website project deal is NOT about how much pages, how fancy the code, how long it took – it is REALLY about what the website does for the business.

Business owners want a website for what it can do for their business – not how it looks on the surface. They are looking for what it does, what it helps them with, what it can help solve, what problems it can remove etc.

Hope this video helps and hit me up in the comments if you got questions or requests for future videos.

Post any questions you might have in the comments.


  1. Is there any chance that you could point me in the right direction of blue chip web design agencies please? I am needing a high end web sight built with high end functionality in the UK.

  2. Buy complete amazon affiliate multi vendor website here product listening+900 and 20+ blog ,review first and give me offer (andy-collection)sell at good offer

  3. Good basic intro and analysis! Just subbed. I'm looking forward to more of this type of video with even more details. Good job.

  4. Summary of the video:
    The cheap ("$100") web designs services just focus the website's look and often use a quick theme to make it.
    The expensive ("10000") websites offer more than just a look, they target bigger businesses, with larger needs, and help them get the tools (or leads) to grow.

  5. So here's my question. I'm already sorry for any grammatic mistakes but I am learning to create what is trending nowadays like ithose you see when you go to websites like beehance and lapa.ninja. I've also tried using many calculators but they seem to calculate a very huge price like 25K$ which I honestly think is overselling my talent. How much should a person like me charge for such level of design also taking care of the user experience, accessibility, A/B testing and other factors? Would it be at the thousands level or hundreds?

  6. Supper bro …I ❤️ u bro really I stucked in web design business …you push my mind to run it again like a bullet train 🎉🔥

  7. Great vid as always Rob, agree that this bigger picture 'problem solver'/business improver approach will bring in the bigger clients than a 'web designer'.

    Thinking about your £10k projects, do you market your services to them as 'Fox Web School' and leverage the authority in the subject that commands, or do you sell your web services as another business/or as 'Rob O'Rourke' the individual?


  8. Great video. The more I watch your videos the more I realize it's all about how my (limiting) mindset got me stuck in the lower priced website category instead of the higher one. Thanks for this insight!

  9. Would love if you can answer my question, I got scammed 2 days ago by web for 99 website, he created my website on wordpress and later changed all my admin info after getting paid, now I am at a lost because I contacted wordpress rep and they are telling it will cost me more than a thousand dollars to restore my site. What should I do? Is there another way?
    Awaits ur response

  10. Thanks for sharing ☺️.
    In my opinion it's,
    Websites vs Web Applications.
    Costly could also means custom branding, good server, scalability, site security, integrations, or some custom functionality. A business could start cheap but they will soon realise cheap is not what differentiate them from their competitors and at some point they need to upgrade.

  11. Rob: That's a 100 dollar website
    Wix: (Let's show him some ads!) Need a professional website? I created one for my startup using Wix.
    Me: Oh no………….

  12. I love your content, I am a student and want to do web design part-time. How many hours on average does a big project (like most of yours) take for you?

  13. that means 10k website is more about database and the developer doing stuff for them if i get what you are saying

  14. No amount of "design" will push your website from $100 to $10k unless you're talking to an ignorant client with a bunch of money to waste.
    Unless you're a celebrity designer, the website will be the tip of the iceberg of what's expected of you to do to hit the thousands mark. A client who really wants to use your services to boost his business will know what he wants.
    Everything the guy mentioned is hollow talk that will fizzle out instantly when a client asks the terrifying question "so, what does all this entail concretely? How are you going to accomplish that" and trust me, no amount of vague "we can increase your sales because we're experienced" will work.
    Wanna charge more? Target bigger clients and flaunt your portfolio (assuming there are big names in it).

  15. you are absolutely right on your every point. But imagine a situation. I am a freelance web designer from Bangladesh. I want to get a client. I am cold emailing companies with a solution to their problem with a budget of $10,000. Will those business owners give a shot to me? They will rather go to an Agency and say we have this this this problem and we need those solutions.

    And the agency will give them the solution with the 10k budget. What's my benefit here?

    Or what can I do here? Any idea?

  16. I assumed the cheap sites were just throwing up a theme / template pre made.

    Love this topic, would love more videos

  17. Thanks for the video. Question: What are some examples of problems that you might solve for a business that a $100 website cannot deliver?

  18. Hello Rob, Firstly thanks a million for your brilliant series on how to sell websites the right way. Thank you for putting the work in for us.
    I do however have a question that's burning me since a while now. How do you find and identify those clients who are looking for more than just a good looking website, who want an effective sales tool and are willing to invest a higher price into a higher value online sales and marketing tool? Where would we have to look for this type of client?

  19. Very insightful lesson. Could you do a video on what features I should be adding / learning so I can create 10k websites? I know there's stuff like SEO, but thats about all I know. You dont have to teach it all, but laying out which things there are will tell me what I should look up in google. Thanks for the great content. Your channel is great!

  20. Focus on what it does..brilliant! Videos like this are why I keep coming back to your channel 👍 What are your thoughts on specializing in a particular niche for web design? Have heard some people really recommend it and others think it's not so great as you miss out on more customers. Thanks again

  21. I'm 13 and have been building websites just for fun for a couple of months now. I'm designing a photography portfolio website right now and would love it if you could review it and show what I can do better!

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